Tuesday, May 16, 2006


It has been quite the day... and it isn't even 10am! I woke up this morning at 6:46. I usually get to work at 7am. Yikes!! I haven't been feeling well since Sunday night and have been really hot at night (my roommate likes it hot, I like it cool) so I turn my fan on while I sleep. Well something woke me up... thank goodness... and I realized my alarm had been going off since 5:27, but I didn't hear it because of the fan! So I quickly got dressed, washed my face, put on some makeup and drove to school. I arrived at 7:20, which is a miracle... school starts at 7:40. I am taking tomorrow off - was inspired to get it all arranged before I got sick- and am soo looking forward to it!
Tomorrow is the big night!! Go Hippies. My friends Hillary and Shannon invited me over to watch it with them. I hope it isn't too intense as I tend to talk (or should I say yell) to the teams... so I will have to control myself since I will be in public!


Andrea said...

Can't wait for the big race!!
Hope you are feeling better.

Kim said...

I'm looking forward to tonight...Go Hippies! Feel better! There is nothing worse than not hearing your alarm, hey?