Monday, May 8, 2006

I won!!

Yeppers... I was a little worried when a cookie monster cake showed up! But when there was a store bought cake, and cupcakes, I wasn't as worried! But the cookie monster won most creative, a chocolate cake won most delicious- and I won best OVERALL! My prize... a box of Mikes and Ikes. Oh well. It was fun. It tasted good but the fruit-roll-up (or lettuce) tasted a little funky with the chocolate! Here is a picture with Jud and the cake. The sign reads... Jud- Hope your birthday is a real Whopper!! I have half of it leftover- too bad you are all too far away to come over for a piece!

1 comment:

Kristi said...

you better have won girl! that was quite the whopper of a cake! Jud is a cutie! love the name- Jud! :)