Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo....

How about you, you, you? Remember that Raffi song? So fun!
On Saturday my ward had an activity at the National Zoo in D.C.
It is part of the Smithsonian family so it is free to get in! Yippee!
It was my first time there. We met at the church and then metroed it in to D.C. It was then a hefty hike to the zoo and another hike-a-roo to the picnic spot where our ward was meeting. We ate lunch and then played "A to Zoo" scavenger hunt. My friend Martha was in charge of it and I helped her come up with the idea!!! We had to find objects in the zoo starting with each of the letters of the alphabet and take a picture of it. I was with Mike and Tim. I thought for sure we were going to win... but we came in second. Sheesh! I think we would have win except Mike was a little too into the reptile house!
Here is our T (for Turtle) picture.
I used to always want a Turtle growing up... now, not so much!


bluepaul said...


Kim said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Great game idea...and secong place is pretty good.

Kristi said...

Jack is dying for a pet turtle! I got a book about them, and they are actually alot of work! sounds like you had a good time!!

Andrea said...

Way to go on the 2nd place. might be a bit "fishy" if you came in 1st. Plus you did win the cake.