Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

It is the "thing" to do with singles on the East coast to head to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for Memorial Day weekend. So of course... since everybody's doing it... I did to! Here are some highlights:

1) driving all night to get there- literally! We (Martha and I) picked up our friend Jen (who flew in from SLC) from the airport in Baltimore at 1 am Friday night and kept driving! We arrived at 5:30 and slept in the parking lot of Jimmy's Seafood Buffet. We later found out it is one of the best restaurants around!

2) A lighthouse... I have LOVED lighthouses since my mission. This one is pretty cool- but surrounded by trees... Odd!

3) Crabs- I was fascinated with 2 crabs I spotted on the beach! I couldn't stop taking pictures. Apparently I need to get out more!

4) Our beach house- it rocked. It was massive, sleeping 18 people. It had everything you need- blankets, sheets, pillows, dishes, spices- we just had to buy the food. This is a picture of the back! I went to take a picture of the front and I dropped my camera- it is now broken! Sadness!

5) the beach- There is nothing quite like it. I love just being there- reading, swimming, napping, playing- FUN! This is Jen, Martha, me (with my nasty wind blown hair) and our FHE brother Dan (with his NASTY hairy chest) at the beach behind our house!

6) Free Salads- We went to Harris Teeter (my favorite grocery store) to buy some food. We each picked out a salad from the deli and were then approached by some store big wig. He asked us how everything was and if he could help us. He said the answer for our customers is always yes. So I said -jokingly- "Can we have these groceries for free?" He replied "That is a little different... but I will give you this salad for free." He saw the 2nd one and gave that for free too. So then we pointed out the 3rd one... and we gave us that too! SWEET! So we got $12 worth of food for free. If only we would have remembered to get forks! We ended up having to eat it with our hands on the beach! Yikes.


Kim said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I love the picture of that cute! I've never seen one like this.

Kristi said...

You are so crazy girl! hope that camera gets fixed quick! great house.