Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Mom & Dad-
I went to the temple tonight. It was lovely- of course. Saw lots of familiar faces- and they all asked about you which I of course LOVE to talk about.
But unfortunately they also asked "Are you teaching?" To which I hate to talk about. Because I am not teaching. And I want to be. So I feel like a big loser. But the temple made it all better.

On my way home I swung by this place- It truly is delightful. So many fun things to dream of buying. Or wonder who in the world would buy (and eat!). They do have a selection of gluten free goods. Since my new roommate is celiac I thought I would try to buy some gluten free flour and pasta so I could make food that she could eat. I don't know yet what I am going to make- but be at peace as I will let you know what I make when I make it.
I am a little hesitant though since I made Puffed Corn Squares (rather than Puffed Wheat Squares) on Saturday. Luckily I had some before she came home. I was watching a movie when she arrived home so I told her they were available for her consumption. Well after the movie I went in the kitchen to find that she had eaten the ENTIRE PAN. I was shocked. And kind of mad. Don't people know that you should leave the last piece for the person who made it?

some people.

So what will she do if I make cookies, or banana bread. Or muffins. I would like to try some since I have never had gluten free cookies, banana bread or muffins.

Maybe I just need to be more charitable. Or like your grandson Taylor and shove as much in my mouth as I can in case it does all disappear before I finish swallowing. :)

your most charitable daughter


Andrea said...

I was going to ask how puffed corn squares are, but apparently good if they are gone that fast. wowsa.
bulk barn is not the love I was hoping for. Hopefully bed bath & beyond won't let me down.

Terry & Maxine said...

Puffed Wheat squares sounds good. We haven't seen any puffed wheat in any of the stores yet.

Kristi said...

wow- they commented! fun.
bulk barn is what I was hoping for!
good times.

aniC said...

If you come visit me again, and make yummy treats, I promise I will save the last one for you. It's a rule I've always followed!
Besides, it just won't be Easter if you aren't here to celebrate with us.

Kim said...

Cody has celiac disease, so I'm always looking for new recipes. Let me know if you come across anything good. Bread and cookies are one of the hardest things to make. But there is that Peanut Butter cookie that only takes pb, an egg and sugar. Good luck!!