Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad-

Last night my roommate and I went to the ward party- a Dessert Cruise. It was fun. And made me want to go on another cruise! When you came in they took your picture. You then could watch a movie in the primary room, do aerobics in the young women's room, golf in the relief society room, games and karaoke in the gym. Then came the dessert. mmm. I decided to make No Bake Peanut Butter Toblerone Cheesecake (click here for recipe).

I LOVE making desserts but something always goes wrong when I make something to take somewhere. Well I should have been smart and cut it up before- but I didn't. Someone (who will remain nameless) had to come get me to find out if they should take my dessert out of the pan. Apparently they have never used a springform pan before. So I removed the rim and she immediately began cutting it like squares. That kind of disturbed me since it was in a circular shape. And cheesecake. Whatever. It was really soft since it was supposed to be refrigerated and it had been sitting on the kitchen counter for over an hour. My roommate actually had to go get it from the kitchen because they hadn't brought it out and it was one of very few desserts she could eat (gluten free other than the crust).

I didn't have any until today. When I took it out of the fridge I realized that no one had eaten the crust. (you can see the pan in the picture where I cut the crust). It may look nasty but it was tasty. But with peanut butter AND toblerone- how could it not?? I think it is funny that the one time my crust isn't crumbly and falling apart it gets stuck on the bottom of the pan!

Back to the cruise... after eating desserts they had a Guess Whose Legs contest. 7 men hid behind a curtain on the stage showing nothing but their legs. I guessed 3 out of 7 right. Then there was a fun and entertaining "talent" show. The Elders played ukuleles and sang the Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World song. I wonder if both of them knew how to play or if one taught the other. All of the other numbers were wonderful. It was a great evening and you were asked about by several people.

I am sick again- the last time (only a few weeks ago) I was congested. This time it is my throat. I sound like a man and may possibly lose my voice. I am subbing the next 3 days for a friend while she goes to the Olympics. So if I don't lose it from that, all will be well.

Your sick daughter


Andrea said...

That is an interesting cutting technique.
Sounds like a fun party
Hope you are better and survive the work.

Kristi said...

that is funny about the crust. how was elvis? sounds funner than our party.

Your Jilly said...

We don't even have parties....let alone people who don't know how to cut circular cakes!

Katelyn said...

I love the concept for your blog! and when you combine peanut butter and toblerone....YUM!!

The Magnolia

aniC said...'s been over a month since you have, ummm...written to your parents.