Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vegas- part 2

Since I have been home for 3 weeks, I figured it was time to share more about my adventures in Vegas.
It certainly was an adventure spending Christmas away from family and with no snow. And it was my very first Christmas not in Canada. But it sure was nice spending it with Alisa. We did what we wanted, when we wanted. It was perfect. Here is Alisa's cute tree surrounded by all our gifts waiting to be opened.
And here is cute little Buddy enjoying his new friend. I want a dog. Real badly.

One adventure happened when I was walking cute little Buddy. I saw a card on the ground- which at first I thought was a credit card but when I picked it up I discovered it was a gift card. I thought for sure there was nothing on it but it wouldn't hurt to check. My investigation proved there was $7.86 remaining. Then I discovered something else. It is from Dr. Phil. And his wife Robin. It started with $500 on it. And my holiday would have been greater if I would have found it then! But I do appreciate the $7.86 towards one of my Target purchases. Thanks Dr. Phil. And thanks to the person you gave it to that dropped it on the ground/tried to throw it away but missed the garbage can.

We decided to ring in the new year in San Diego. So we drove past the tallest thermometer in the world-which was kind of cool except I think it is kind of lame you can't see the temperature when you are next to it.

After a delightful dinner in Old Town San Diego we went to some of the shops where we saw a skateboarding chicken.

But since it was New Year's Eve all the shops were closing early. And we couldn't decide what to do for the rest of the evening- but we did agree we wanted to see the temple. I would have preferred to see the inside of it but settled for the beautiful outside.

That was the extent of our evening's events. Sad but true. We were asleep by 11pm. But that meant we could wake up "early" and head to the beach. Which was beautiful. A little breezy. But sunny and warm. Unless you are from Vegas. Then you think it is freezing. And you bundle up like this-

I don't get it. I couldn't handle the pansy Vegasites complaining about being cold so I went for a walk to discover the beach. It was delightful. I wish I was still there.

We headed back to Vegas that afternoon to continue the adventures there.

My friend had to go back to work so that meant Buddy and I got to spend the daytime together- alone. I was happy about it. He- wasn't so much apparently. This is what I found when I came down the stairs one morning.
He sure is cute- even though he apparently wasn't happy with what he saw.

I spent 3 weeks in Vegas and only went to the strip once. And it was to see-
by Cirque d'Soleil. It was fun. Odd. But fun. The usher who sat us said there was no photography allowed. I assumed that meant of the stage and the performance. But when we tried to take a self-photo of us well before the show started and she yelled at me to put it away- I knew she meant at all. She said they even confiscate cameras. Wow. If she really wants a picture of me and the 6 chins that came out for that photo, be my guest.
So we took one outside- after the show. I look a little freaky. But I had just watched some freaky stuff so it is to be expected.
And to end my adventures- a picture of how they like to hide their cell towers in Vegas. I think it is hilarious. But not as hilarious when they disguise it as a pine tree... because that blends in so well in the middle of the desert.

oh Vegas- how I miss thee. Especially when I returned home to a 45 degree Celsius (85 Fahrenheit) drop in temperatures.


aniC said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time! Too bad you couldn't make a little trip to Utah while we were there. And that dog you were hanging out with was pretty darn cute. Almost makes me wish I had one.

aniC said...

Oh, and the gift card from Dr. Phil....Awesome!

Kristi said...

love it. the card is hilarious. circ de soliel is wierd. I think. although I have never seen one. and probably never will.

Andrea said...

that's cool about the card.
Sorry about the weather change.