Monday, December 21, 2009

Walking the Streets of Vegas

Other than shopping and watching movies (which I have done a bit of thus far), the other thing I get to do plenty of is walking this guy...He sure is cute. Until he has to stop at every bush to check it out and every other bush gets this done to it:
But that isn't the only thing I get to see while out on our walks.

We see palm trees. I LOVE palm trees. One day I would like to live somewhere with a palm tree in my yard. Well I guess I did live in Vegas but only for 4 months so that doesn't count.

We see tons of garbage. Which makes me ill since at least half of it could be recycled.

And then there are the weird street names. How many of you can say you've stood on the corner of Tantalizing and Fascinating? The worst I have seen yet- Tender Tassels. Yep. That's a real street name. But it sounds more like a stripper name. or a disease. "My tender tassels have been acting up again." Yikes. If you are not looking up at the street names, you will see these on the sidewalk. Every couple feet. I don't know if this is a Vegas thing or a this neighborhood thing. Either way it is weird. And I don't like it. I prefer my sidewalks to be pure sidewalks.

And rows of empty, never lived in houses. That are apparently being sold for $50,000.

Anyone want to go in with me to purchase a vacation home? I am sure it will be worth at least triple that in a few years.

But the best thing is being able to go on a walk wearing these- capris AND flip-flops.

It is even more exciting since the place I escaped from looked like this when I left :

and it was a freezing -40. (not to be confused with a balmy -40).

The best thing about our walk this morning was finding a coupon on the ground for $10 off a $20 purchase at Kohl's. Hello. Gotta go.


Andrea said...

I'm so jealous. SO!!
What's with the sidewalks.
Nice feet/ toes.
Don't worry- it's still snowing and only -20 today.

Craig and Amanda said...

Is that your puppy?? I used my Kohls coupon today! hooray for good coupons!