Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am getting a dog.

Dear Mom and Dad-
It is so convenient really... I just mentioned in the other post how I want a dog so very badly. You know this of course. I know you always said you didn't want another one after our dear ol' Snuff passed on- but I know deep down you would LOVE to spend your days with a cute little thing that will cuddle with you when you watch TV or sleep at your feet each night. Well Kristi (one of your OTHER daughters) found the perfect solution for us all on Freecycle.Ad reads: Little girl Chinese crested (hairy hairless). Lucky is 8 weeks old and is in need of a good forever home. She was born with a
slight heart murmur so she is NOT suited for an active lifestyle. She would do
great in a smaller quiet home or apartment. She is very lovable and will remain
quite small (approx 10 lbs).

How perfect is that?? It was like she was made for you- quiet forever home. lovable. small. FREE.

And you can't tell me you won't love waking up to this every morning.
You can thank me later!

Your favourite daughter


Kristi said...

it makes me laugh just thinking about it. they are so ugly! (Jack would name it winky)

Andrea said...

hahaha. and gross.
and no dogs allowed.

Knight Family said...

It's like the dog version of that hairless cat! ewwww

Knight Family said...

oops, that was ME, Mikaela! :)

Kim said...

I don't know . . . I think it's kind of cute. At least the first picture. Not the one with the tongue hanging out. An if it's hairless it shouldn't bother Russ' allergies, though I'm sure he would not think of it any more highly than he did of Snuff.