Saturday, August 9, 2008

The results are in.

Well not really. The final results will be in on Thursday.

I attended my first group interview. I was actually late. I realize that is not a good thing to be for a job interview. I considered turning around and going home. But I drove over 30 minutes to get there. And I really didn't have anything to lose. This job isn't my life's ambition. It would mostly be just for fun.

They were meeting at Starbucks and then were going to head to the conference room. That is all I knew. So I asked a Starbucks worker if she knew where the conference room was. She said "perhaps in the hotel down the hall." I then went to the hotel and found the conference room. They said I won points for finding them.

If I could have voted people out of the interiew, I would have voted for the girl that works (or did) at a "love boutique". I didn't understand half the stuff she was talking about, nor do I want to. Nor WHY she was talking about it. Yikes.

And maybe the girl that didn't laugh or smile at anything.

If I get the job, I hope they didn't.

And no- it isn't selling donuts, kitchen-aids, popcorn or socks. Although I do love all of those things and would love to sell them. Any other guesses?

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AmandaStretch said...

Bath and Body Works? I worked there for three weeks or so in 2006. Good times.