Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are you smarter than a customer service rep?

I called my credit card company to change my address. This is the conversation I had with the wonderful girl that answered. Let's call her Mitzy. Ditzy Mitzy.

me: I would like to change my address.
dm: What's your new zip code.
me: Well, it's in Canada so it's a postal code.
dm: Isn't Canada a part of the United States?
me: Ummm.... no it is a separate county.
dm: oh.

I didn't know people like that really existed. I guess in the United States, they do. :)

Enjoy this video. It is a little fuzzy and 7 minutes long but it really highlights the intelligence of Americans.


shaniqua said...

well, i'm pretty sure she didn't get her job as a customer service rep for a credit card company because she was too smart to be a doctor.

and i'm pretty sure that people like that exist everywhere...EVEN in canada. don't be hatin' on the u.s.

Andrea said...

That's so funny.

Kim said...

That's hilarious!!!

Mikaela said...

I cannot believe that! I even had to pass along your convo with good old Mitzy to others....still blown away that people don't realize Canada is a differnet country than the USA! Who are these sick people?