Friday, August 22, 2008

Rainy Days and Fridays Always Get Me Down.

I am a little sad today. Not too sure why.

Maybe because:

*I don't have a job

*I live with my parents

*My cell phone doesn't work anymore so IF my American friends wanted to call me, they couldn't
*The majority of my friends live in another country

*I don't have a bedroom (long story)

*I am still living out of my suitcase (because I don't have a bedroom)

*All that I own is in boxes in my parents garage

*Target is too far away

*My ward is full of strangers (except for the one girl I used to babysit and the other nice girl who apparently is always out of town)

I will now try to think of happy thoughts:

*I can see my nieces and nephews whenever I want to

*My Mom makes really good food

*My Dad makes the best popcorn. And knows exactly when I am craving some.

*I can pretty much sleep until I wake up

*The Olympics are fabulous

*Canada is finally winning medals

*I have a job. I know I said above that I don't have one. But I do. Just not a REAL job-which is what I really want. Only a part-time one. And I will spend all the money I make there on gas and the product I am selling. The store is brand new to Canada and doesn't even open until September 15th. So I remain moneyless until at least the end of September. Where is this job you ask? Why Bath & Body Works, of course! (way to guess Amanda!) First items on my shopping list are:

Maybe if I smell better someone might sit by me at church.

Nothing better than smelling like a pineapple after washing your hands.

I have never tried this before but it sounds delightful.

Maybe if my lips and breath smell better someone might kiss me at church. Okay. After church. I mean on Monday. Sunday is my day of rest. :)

Gotta go. My Dad just made some popcorn and it smells divine.


AmandaStretch said...

Yay! I win! It wasn't my favorite random part time job, but hopefully, you'll have a nicer manager than I did.

Andrea said...

I think I need some lip and breath good smelling stuff.
Sorry I and my kids didn't make you in a great mood. Or maybe we caused it.
enjoy the popcorn. I need some.

shaniqua said...

i think its time to just face the need to come back to virginia!
i totally new it was bath and body works. it just wasnt as fun to say that as it was to say dunkin donuts. will you send me free stuff?