Friday, August 29, 2008

No Outside Food Allowed.

While I was in Rexburg this summer, I found myself with some free time while waiting for the friend I was staying with to return from their cabin.

I got an oil change since I had driven approximately 7000 kilometers in the last 30 days. I had stopped at all my favorite places. Attended the temple. Visited other friends.

What could I do for the next 5 hours?

Well I had 2 free movie passes that expired in 3 days. So I went to see the X-Files movie. I was an X-Files fan back in the day. I was starving though. And Craigo's was right across the street. So I ordered a Hawaiian Pizza Bomb to go. I forgot how huge the large ones were until I got to my car and opened up the box. I shoved it into my purse and went to see X- Files.

Much to my surprise I was the only one in the theater. (Less then 10 minutes before it was to start). I sat in the very last row- thinking that if someone else did come, I could eat my Pizza Bomb behind them alot easier than in front of them. About 5 minutes after the movie started 3 girls walked in and sat near the front. I yelped and yeeed a few times at the appropriate places. I felt like I was home alone watching it and I talk to the TV and the characters when I am alone. When the movie ended the 3 girls looked back. To see the freaky yelping girl I am sure. This is what was left of my PB.

Mmmm. Looking at this picture makes me want another one.

Well I had 2 more hours until my friend would be home and one more movie ticket.

So I quickly went to DQ the across the street and got a Blizzard-of-the-month which just happened to be my favorite. Oreo. I had to get one there because the BotM there are actually cheaper. Is it like that at your local DQ?

I shoved it into my purse and went to see Wall-E. The fact that it was free and I had a Blizzard made it all the more enjoyable. And I wasn't alone in the theater.

My summer sneaking adventures reminded me of my movie going days in high school. My best friend and I would go see movies at the dollar theater ALL THE TIME. They sold pickles at the consession and we always talked about how funny that was and how much we wanted one as we both loved pickles. But we were cheap. So one time we took a trip to my parents amazing food storage. Got a jar of pickles. I somehow smuggled them in by putting the jar next to my tummy so I looked pregnant. ha ha. I think I ate one pickle. Then fell asleep (which I NEVER do during movies but think I just got home from Girl's Camp that afternoon). When I woke up, he had eaten the entire jar of pickles.

Another time my friends and I went to the grocery store before heading to the movies. I was craving carrots. So I bought a bag of mini carrots. Snuck them in. And ate them during the movie. How fun that must have been for the movie goers around me.

What have you snuck into a movie theater before?

If nothing- what have you always wanted to sneak into a movie theater?


AmandaStretch said...

When we were kids, my mom would pop popcorn at home and put it in enough brown lunch bags for all of us, then sneak it in her purse. It was great. My mom rocks.

shaniqua said...

ummm...i think you forget your most amazing sneak in ever! when we went on our fredericksburg sonic adventure then went to the movie, and you snuck in our slushes! that was the best.

Darin said...

My friends and I went to see "What Lies Beneath" (two of us had seen it once before) and we snuck in Chips Ahoy cookies. As the two guys had seen it and new where the scary parts were, we were set on scaring the girls even more. Sadly the cookies were on one's lap and when we scared her, they went flying and ended up on the seat in front of us.

Andrea said...

My last one was Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Brought some spoons and enjoyed.

Andrea said...

Oh.. I forgot to add- carrots and pickles??
I remember way back we used to bring popcorn in bags too, but I think that was before they cared.

Seth and Rachel said...

That was too funny, my husband is very proud that I once took a box of cereal and 1/2 gallon milk into a theater.

Scott and Kelli said...

you totally crack me up. I miss good ol' Rexburg!