Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yummy in my tummy

A friend from school had a sleepover. Her husband is in Bagdad for 4 weeks and so she wanted to do something to keep her from going crazy- he works for the security of diplomats or something like that! So she invited a few teachers over for a girls night in. It was really fun to just eat and chat. I volunteered to make breakfast as I had a recipe I REALLY wanted to try. I had it at a visiting teaching brunch and have been dreaming of it since. It is called Creme Brulee French Toast. Yummy. Well I doubled the recipe as I didn't know how much would be needed. Well 2 of the girls didn't sleep over and everyone just had one piece- so I have a 9x13 pan left. Yikes. The problem is- it is delicious- not nutritious. There is supposed to be a storm coming again this week- Tuesday & Wednesday- so talk of 2 snow days. So perhaps I will have a snowday breakfast and invite some fellow teachers. If we can get out of our homes and parking lots. Ha ha! We did get a snow day last Wednesday. The news said we got 1.7 inches of snow. Interesting since Western NY has gotten like 5 feet of snow and are apparently still going to school. Virginians = pansies. Anyways- make the Creme Brulee frenchtoast. It is delightful. But have people to share it with otherwise you WILL eat it all.
p.s. I just didn't put in the Grand Marnier in as I am not sure what it is- but I assume it is some sort of alcohol. And the challah bread is a jewish bread that I only heard of when I came to Virginia. Other recipes I have seen said to use French Bread!! Let me know what you think!


Mikaela said...

That sounds yummy. I'm definately going to have to try it one of these days. That's cool you got to hang out with some people from work. I hope you had a nice time. I need to call you one of these days. I'm sorry I'm such a lousy friend!

EK said...

Oh my gosh, I'm drooling all over the keyboard! That sounds delicious!

Kim said...

I can't wait to try it! I love the recipes you share!