Sunday, February 18, 2007

My feet...

got a few treats this week. So we ended up getting a total of 3 snow days this week. Yowza. And I told myself that if I got a snow day, I would go shoe shopping-which I have been desperately needing for a LONG time now. So I ventured out on Thursday to DSW.
I walked around the whole store, trying on everything that was cute. Nothing fit right.
I hate having big feet.
Then I hit the clearance section. HELLO! I found these black beauties-
for 40% off. I really like them- and hope you do too.
Then I was on the hunt for brown church shoes. and came across these- also 40% off. When I put them on for this picture, they hurt a little more than I thought- so I may have to test them out again before making my final decision to wear them outside. I have been known to buy shoes and then ummm... not wear them.
Like these. $10 at Kohl's. How could I say no?
Now I just need to wear them. But I feel like none of my clothes look good with them. Guess I better buy new clothes for my shoes.
The final treat- pedicures with my friend Sarah. We found a place that only cost $20 and they had the massaging chairs- I didn't know about them but now I do and am in LOVE. So anyone who comes to visit me, we will go get pedicures. I will even pay. It is worth the $400+ plane ticket. I promise.
Miranda Priestly (the Devil wears Prada) would DIE if she saw my choice of shoes. I think the ones Andy is wearing are cute when they bring her new shoes. I am so not hip!


Mikaela said...

I love the shoes! I try to wear them around the house a bit before I wear them out too, just in case the leather doesn't stretch or whatever. It was so funny when you made that comment about The Devil Wears Prada, cause I seriously thought the same thing when I saw that movie! too funny!

Kim said...

love the shoes! I need to find me some new shoes too...yours are so cute.

EK said...

Cute cute shoes! I tried to buy shoes this weekend and the shoe store I went to was so packed that I just gave up! Apparently I didn't want shoes bad enough! :)

Andrea said...

Cute shoes. And I'm so in need of a pedicure. I'll book my ticket asap.