Thursday, May 21, 2009

I got a job!!

9 months into the school year and I finally got a real teaching job.
The good news is- there is only 5 weeks left of school. And I am teaching Foods and Fashion!
The bad news is- I have to teach drama as well.

My interview- if you can call it that- consisted of 2 questions.
1- Do you have any Home Ec. experience?
2- Do you have any Drama experience?
oh and I guess a 3rd- Do you want the job?
If only they could all be like that. I am not too sure what happened to the lady I am replacing??

When I said no to the drama experience, the Principal said that I could just do film studies with my 2 classes since there are only a few weeks left.

So that is where you come in. I need some help. And great ideas.
I think it might be fun to pick an emotion or issue and show a bunch of clips that show it- and then have the students rate each one as to how it came across, if it was real, convincing, etc.
Is that a good or horrible idea?

And then I thought it might be fun to show either a movie or clips from each genre of movie. And then we could discuss each one, etc.
Is that a good or horrible idea?

Please help. I need suggestions of movies, emotions, good genre examples, better ideas, etc!!

What would YOU like to do if you were in a junior high drama class for the last 5 weeks of school?


Kristi said...

I am betting that they would be happy just watching movies! haha. I think showing them older types would be fun- like musicals- 7 brides for 7 brothers, and stuff they probably have never even heard of. show them Ferris Buellers day off! haha. the edited one, of course. that would give the good kids bad ideas!

AmandaStretch said...

I was a theatre ed. major once upon a time, and you've got some good ideas. (I eventually dropped the ed. portion though.) One thing to step up the emotion activity is not only to decide if it's convincing enough, but how they convey it. Take "anger" for example - there is yelling and shouting, but there is also quiet and seething, and everything in between. And the person who the other is angry at will have a different reaction as a result. Even with just talking about how they convey that emotion, you could do a different emotion every day (happy, sad, angry, indifferent, etc.) and have lessons for a week or more!

I could go on, I'm sure. But rather than leave a crazy long comment, just email me if you want any more ideas or anything. :)

Good luck!

Seth and Rachel said...

Congratulations!! Oh my, I think you have your hands full. I wonder what happened to the old teacher and if her position is open next year? Good luck, so happy for you!

Aiden and Josh said...

I took a film studies class and it was awesome! We watched movies from different genres: Horror, drama, comedy, classic, musical, etc. It was really neat. WE had to write a 1/2 page to page paper of our views on the movie. It was great! Good Luck!! :)

Andrea said...

Love the interview questions.
I vote for the mime. That's it- mime for 5 weeks.