Monday, April 13, 2009

So there I was...

So there I was shopping in one of my favorite stores. I was with my dear friend and her cute little baby. He was tired of shopping. And shared these feelings by crying. We were quickly trying to find more items since you gotta spend money to save money, right!?!?!

A sales lady (S.L.) is helping us as we walk to the check out. My friend was in the lead pushing the stroller. I was following her with the S.L. behind me. As baby cries,

S.L. says: I think Grandma needs to pick him up.

me thinks: What is she talking about??

S.L. says: Aren't you the grandma?

me thinks: Holy schmolies. She thinks I am the grandma.

me says: ummm. no.

I am a little scared about turning 30 in 2 weeks. But this is ridiculous. A grandma. Seriously?

my friend may look like she is 16. But that would mean I either had her when I was 16 and look 32. Or I had her when I was 20 and look 36. But that is only if this lady thought my friend is 16.
Do I really look old enough to be her mother?
Don't answer that.


Kristi said...

what store were you in?
did you find anything good- grandma?

Mikaela said...

LOLOLOLOLOL now THAT is hilarious! Obviously that lady was blind. I do NOT think you look old enough to be a g'ma! I think you should've told the lady that you were only 29 and she was rude! Make her feel even worse! ;)

aniC said...

seriously, you could have used a better picture of me, mom.
that experience is on the top of my list of the great-ness that happened while you are here. heck, it's on the top of my list of the great-ness thats happened in my life.
i'll never get tired of makng jokes about it.

Andrea said...

haha. I seriously can't stop laughing. That's so freakin' hilarious. You do NOT look old enough to be her gramma.
Guess we'll have to have a hair coloring party when you're back.
haha. thanks for the laugh.

Mikaela said...

Okay, a few days later, and I still think about this at random times during my day and laugh....mostly at the absurdity of that woman...I'm going out with Laura tonight, and for sure I'm sharing this story! ;)

Rachel D said...

thats funny, cuz some lady in my bro's ward today asked me if I was the grandma while I was holding little baby lucy. What?? are these people loco??!! wow, good stuff-glad i'm not the only one