Sunday, November 23, 2008

Retail Pet Peeves

Now I know that working at a store for 2 months doesn't make me a retail expert.
But I do know when something is annoying.

And people are annoying.

So before you head out to do your Christmas shopping, or stand in line for hours to get some great black Friday deals, let me share with you a few shopping don'ts.

1) When you are in line- BE in line. When I say "I can help the next person" I don't want to have to yell it 3 times before you remember where you are and what you are doing.

2) If YOU write "Check ID" on the back of your credit card, show YOUR ID. Did YOU write it on there to test the cashiers or to prevent someone else from using YOUR card. I appreciate the fact that you want to prevent identity theft. But those people who hand over their cards and ID together, I appreciate even more.

3) Don't ask for an extra bag so you have something to put the gift in your are buying for someone. Go to a dollar store, buy a cute bag, and put your present in there. Nothing says "I am cheap and lazy" like giving someone a present in the bag you bought it in or had to beg for.

4) When something is buy one get one... the get one free or half price is always an equal or lesser-value. Always. So don't act surprised, return everything and re-buy it all in equally priced pairs to save $3.78. I am sure the 15 minutes we spend together doing that is worth more than that!

5) If a store provides you with a shopping bag for your shopping convenience, do not (once it is empty) try to fold it up and/or place/hide it somewhere randomly. Pretty sure you are not the only person that has used a bag and there is a designated place for them to go.

6) When placing your items for purchase on the counter, is it fun to place them in the most awkward places/ distances for the person who is scanning and bagging them for you? Because I am pretty sure it isn't fun for them.

7) I support paying with cash. And paying with exact change is even better. Why not clean out the change purse- if you can do it in a timely manner. (side note- I once had a lady who was digging in her purse and pockets for at least 10 minutes looking for a $20 bill. 10 minutes. Not kidding). But if the cashier is standing there with her hand out, please don't place your 5 pennies, 3 dimes and 2 nickels on the counter. Especially when she just cut off all her nails. Thank you.

I don't mean to be negative Nancy.
And I know that cashiers/sales associates can also be annoying.
I work with one of the craziest ones out there. Stay tuned for those pet peeves.

Please-Feel free to share your complaints/pet peeves about shopping/working here.

Unless it is about me.

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