Saturday, November 15, 2008

Adventures in Subbing

Yesterday was my first day as a Substitute teacher.

And it was even for a foods class.

Let's just say...

I found 2 boys hiding in the closet behind the door with the lights off.

A group poured their potato soup down the sink (no garbage disposal) and clogged it.

I didn't get to leave the classroom all day. I almost peed my pants. But luckily the bell rang when it did.

I had to grade presentations on Canadian explorers. (she had one social studies class)

On Monday I get to sub an elementary class. Stay tuned for more adventures.


Andrea said...

weird. can't wait for more fun

shad said...

MORE adventures? that sounded totally normal.

Mikaela said...

It sounds like the kids definately kept you on your toes...that's crazy that they had you grade presentations....they must know you're capable of doing a great job! :)

Anonymous said...

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