Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stupid People. part 2

So I guess stupid people exist in Canada too.
Although- she might have been an American.
We will assume she is!

So there I was working my little heart out at Bath & Body Works today.
It was crazy busy.
I was working at "cash" at the back of the store.
As I was ringing in 2 older ladies (2OL) purchases, a crazy American lady (CAL) comes up to me:

CAL: ummm. Excuse me?
me: Yes?
CAL: What kind of stuff do you sell here?
me: excuse me? (I wasn't sure if what I heard was really what she said).
CAL: What kind of stuff do you sell here?
me: (totally flabergasted) ummm... candles, ah... lotions, errr...body stuff.
CAL: Okay. (and walks away)
2OL: Hi. It's called Bath and Body Works for a reason. Did she not just walk through the whole store to talk to you?
me: Crazy Americans.
2OL: Amen sister!

**Dialogue may not be word for word but it is pretty darn close. :)


shaniqua said...

i'm really starting to get offended by all of your crazy american posts.

Darin said...

How rude. Granted there are dumb Americans. But we don't comprise the entire population of stupid people in the world. I was in Canada this summer and found some stupid people there. And I've met a whole gaggle of fools in Brazil. I just need to say that we don't control the entire market of idiocy Here in the US.

Andrea said...

That's pretty crazy.
I think there's dumb people everywhere. You just meet a lot more when you're out of your house:)

Sydney said...

Oh how funny! I had a good laugh at this one!!

Rachel D said...

I think it's funny, you prob got your share of "crazy canook" jokes here, so bring em!! why are people getting offeneded??

Kristi said...

how did you know she was american? because she was crazy? haha