Sunday, March 23, 2008

Miss Independent

A few Easters ago I went to visit my sister and her little fam. I was on an outing (picking up bread for dinner I think) and I decided to check the air in my tires and fill em' up if necessary. When I returned I explained to her why I took so long. And she replied " You are so independent. I have no idea how to do that." I chuckled. Well this week I took another step towards my independency. I replaced my cabin air filter.

the old:

the new:
and my glove box even closes!
(it goes behind it for all you non-independent people)


Andrea said...

wow- you are so independent. I didn't even know a car had that. Brilliant eh? Way to go!

Mikaela said...

Yeah, I'm impressed! Charles took a TV w/ him to Utah, and he supposedly hooked up the DVD player to the other TV. Well I had to call to ask how to do it....sad that it's even color-coded and everything! So Way to go Shelley! Very Impressive! I hope you had a Happy Easter!

Kristi said...

I didn't know there was such a thing! good for you! does the air seem cleaner in there now? haha