Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Manners Moment

People are stupid. Here is an example of something that is happening right now in my work inbox. I have no idea who any of these people are. It all started with an email that was reminding us to take a survey for work.
**Don't reply to all unless you want all to read your email. **

email 1-
Dear Colleagues,

I know there is so much going on but I do strongly encourage you to take the survey. The county has not had such a survey done countywide in a long time, if ever, and it is important that your opinion is represented.


email 2-
Sorry for the error in reply. I have redirected this to my faculty.


email 3-
Thanks for your help. However, please be sure to hit reply, instead of Reply to all. Everyone is getting this message.


email 4-

email 5-
Please don’t reply to all!
Thanks. J

email 6-
Not sure why I'm on this email list. Please take me off when you get a chance. Thanks!

email 7-
I tried to do it and could not get to the website, even though I repeatedly typed it correctly.


email 8-
Just click on the link below. It works. I just tried it.

email 9-
I did the survey last week.


email 10-
This is getting crazy! My box is so full. Please just reply to one person!


email 11-
Please don’t include me = I completed mine last week.
I get messages every 5 min.
E. Williams

Petra – how can I stop this!!

email 12-
please remove me as well, thank you, or stop using "reply to all"

email 13-
There is a reply and reply ALL button, people. Pay attention to who you WANT to get your emails. :)

email 14-
Please delete me as well. Thank you

I hope that is the last email. But I have a feeling it isn't. Seriously people. COME ON!

nope. one more.

email 15-
Please stop sending these messages to everyone. If you do not know how to take this step, contact your tech support specialist

and another
email 16-
Please stop your emails are going all over the county

updated at 3:56- 33 MORE email have been received. Why are people replying to all to tell people to stop replying to all. Sheesh.


Logan & Tanya said...

It's Tanya Bingham...your long lost roommate! I found you through none other than Mik's blog! Where are you living? I'd love to catch up w/ you! my blog is

AmandaStretch said...

Wow. So glad I'm missing out on this one. :) I guess it's not entirely county-wide.

shaniqua said...


Sydney said...

That is truely hilarious... although not if I was receiving those emails. I do have a somewhat similar cituation at work but I believe it is taken care of seeing as I have not had any more follow up emails to things I don't follow up on. haha.

and I did not reply to all. hahahaa

Andrea said...

crazy. Maybe there's something wrong with the reply? Or with their brains?

Jenica said...

Yup, over 80 emails yesterday. My email crashed because of it! It really made me question the intelligence of Fairfax County teachers. Except you. And me.

Kim said...

I am laughing so hard right now...hahaha!!!

Mikaela said...

Okay, this has nothing to do with your blog entry, but I saw Mother Love on TV! I laughed like crazy....just thought I'd share!