Tuesday, July 31, 2007


My sister Andrea tagged me. So here's 8 random things about my education...

1. I went to Ricks College 2 weeks after I graduated from High School. I got accepted for the Fall only if I started in the summer.

2. I took a Bowling class my first semester at Ricks. It was the best. I still don't know how to keep score- thank goodness for bowling technology!! We had the dance teacher for our teacher so all we did was bowl- EVERYDAY. Then the last day we had a final written test. Didn't do so well on that.

3. I wanted to be a sign language interpreter when I first started. But they didn't have the major at Ricks... so I switched to Broadcasting. Loved it. But haven't done a day of Broadcasting since I graduated.

4. For my radio broadcasting class we had to do 2 shifts a week on the Ricks radio station- KWBH 91.5. We had to play a certain percentage of LDS music and the rest was "normal" music. SO funny. It is so hard to be funny and entertaining when you are sitting in a room by yourself and have no idea who- if anyone is listening. In fact we would have prizes to give away- like Blizzard's and Sandwiches, etc and often no one would call in... so I would call my roommates and tell them to call in. Ha ha. Once I even pretended to be my roommate because no one was calling into my friends show. (employees weren't allowed to win!)

5. I had an evening show with my friend Jeff called "Top 20 countdown with Jeff & Shelley" or something like that! But we couldn't play very many of the top 20 songs- because they had references to breaking the word of wisdom or law of chastity.

6. I applied and got rejected to BYU 3 times. I really wanted to go... but now- I am glad that it worked out how it did.

7. I went to BYU-IDAHO after my mission and LOVED it. I decided to major in Family and Consumer Sciences Education (Home Ec) because of my mission (long story). I was a little hesitant because I didn't want to be in all girl classes. But that ended up being the best thing ever. I loved my classes.

8. My Master's is the next step... but I just have to decide where and what in. Too many choices.

I thought that would be hard to think of 8... but now I wish it was a higher number because there is still so much to share!! Ahh... the memories. I am going to Rexburg on Thursday and am so excited to see everything and everyone (that is still there). It will be hard to leave.

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