Friday, May 25, 2007

This makes me laugh!

This is my future roommate- Elaine. This is my car. That is our Foof. We got it for $60. We tried to smoosh it in the backseat. That didn't work. We tried to smoosh it in the trunk. That didn't work. The girl we bought it from found the ropes for us and helped us tie it to our roof. We then drove through D.C. and 45 minutes down a major highway to buy another LoveSac. It was sooo funny watching the people pass us by. We might be buying another one next week! Can't wait to get them into our new apartment!
As we drove past the mall monuments I joked that we should take a picture of us on our beast in front of them... 2 days later, I look at the lovesac website and they are having a photo contest. Sheesh! Guess we will have to take it for a little drive.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

That's so hilarious. Looks like a great couch.
You should take it for a ride again.