Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Need Help! Speak any English....

ha ha! Had to put in that Ferris quote after reading my sister's blog. Okay- I really do need help though. So it is the end of the school year and we have money that needs to be spent. It is a lot harder than it sounds. I would LOVE to just take the money and pay off my car, but that would probably get me fired and arrested. So there is one account that must be spent on things the kids can take home... thus I decided to buy aprons for each of them to decorate. But still have money left over. I was searching the internet for ideas and came across pens you can personalize. I am trying to think of funny things to put on the pens that is where I need your help. So far all I have thought of is:

- I took FACS and all I got was this lousy pen!
-I survived Ms. Thomsen's FACS class 2007
-Got FACS? (like Got milk?... I just came up with that one!)

FYI- FACS stands for Family & Consumer Sciences.

Vote for your favorite or tell me something better. Maybe the winner will get a pen- or since there are only like 3 of you out there, maybe everyone that comments will get a pen. I don't think sharing would get me arrested or fired... do you?


Andrea said...

I have no creativity at the moment, but maybe I (heart) FACS.
Ms. Thomsen rules.
I'll have to think some more.
Good luck spending the money.

EK said...

I like the first one, personally! But they're all pretty fun! :) We're frantically trying to spend some money like that too. I wish I could spend it on supplies for next year instead of an ice cream party!

Kristi said...

I like the first one too! that is my vote. I will try to think of something new and wonderful in the mean time. not that yours aren't wonderful- ykwIm.

Kim said...

I like the first one too! So fun!