Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I REALLY need help!

Okay- that was a little too stressful. I seriously need help with my inability to make decisions. I got approved to order the pens... so there I have sat for at LEAST 45 minutes (plus another 20 minutes this morning) trying to decide what to finally put on my pens. Holy Schmolies!! One would think my life depended on this decision. I wanted to go with the first one that all of you liked... but I thought- do I want them to think that all they really did get from my class was this pen. Then the other teacher I worked with like the "I survived Ms. Thomsen's class 2007" one. But the order takes 2-3 weeks so I was scared they wouldn't arrive before school ends. Are you beginning to see why I need help?? So then they have fun ones that say "This pen has been stolen from:" so I completed the sentence with "my favorite Family & Consumer Sciences teacher". Lame- I know. but I can give it out at any time. If there are even some left after I am gone, others will be able to use them. (especially because I ordered 410 of them!) I hope I made the best choice. Now I can carry on with the rest of my life. Yikes!! Anyone know a good therapist?


Andrea said...

I like it! Good choice.
Sorry I too have the inability to make decisions, so I'm not much help.
As for a therapist- not sure. Let me know if you find a good one.

Kristi said...

must run in the family- I have that issue as well! can't wait for my very own pen!