Wednesday, December 6, 2006


My camera is fixed! I can't believe it happened so fast! One sad thing... the pictures I took when I was checking to see if my camera was broken... WORKED! So I totally could have taken more pictures in NYC! oh well!

Here are the pics I took BEFORE it broke! There are my yummy fries!! They have 2 tables (it is super cramped but super chic!!) that have holes for your cone-o-fries! And the delicious dill lemon mayo sauce.
Then there is me and Midge (a.k.a. Rachel- my roomie from 10 years ago! Yowza!) She is looking all cute and I am all nasty! I woke up at 5am- rode the bus for 4 hours! That is my bag that I hauled around ALL day! I am pretty impressed that I lived out of that bag for 2 days. I wish those fries beside Rachel were real. how COOL would that be?

You can't really tell my hair is darker...can you? I tried to get a picture of it today because one of my classes talked about how my hair looked so cute today (but I couldn't get one where the rest of me looked decent)! it was rather amusing. I actually get a lot of compliments on it... but it is by the trouble maker boys that are wanting to suck up for various reasons.


Andrea said...

cute. looks like yummy food. Too bad you didn't take more photos. crazy cameras. can't wait to see your hot hair!

Kim said...

Those fries look so yummy...I must try them sometime! And I think you look cute in that picture! We have to see each other when you're home! Call me!

Mikaela said...

Okay, the hair looks darker, I like it! You seriously just make me laugh...Someday we're going to hit NYC and eat at that fry place. You can show me around all the attractions! Looks like you had a blast!