Friday, December 15, 2006

I FINALLY did it...

I have driven past this store every day- 2 times a day for 2 years now and today was the day that I FINALLY went inside. Pathetic I know!
But I KNEW I would love it- so I stayed away for as long as I could.
It was dangerous.
I wanted to buy EVERYTHING!
But I just had to keep telling myself that I would have to get rid ofit when I move back to Canada as I can only take what will fit in my car- and I am WAY past that limit already!

I couldn't leave without buying SOMETHING... So I bought-

A cool paper towel holder- that is magnetic! So you can stick it to the side of you fridge! love it.

And a space bag... you know the ones that you put a ton of stuff in- suck the air out and you can store 10 times the stuff in the same amount of space...
Well I got a travel one. You just roll it to get the air out. I don't know if I am in love with it but I need all the packing help I can get!

Now I just need to "contain" myself from going back and buying everything else I want!


Kim said...

I LOVE this store! It has so many great things to get you organized. I just wish they would ship to Canada!!!

Kristi said...

maybe if you had enough space bags you could fit more stuff on the way home!! love that magnet paper towel thing! awesome