Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Am I crazy??

So I have made it a goal to feed the missionaries once a month! They bring a guy from the ward with them (since we are single... and sisters...) so it is a good way to get to know people in the ward... oh yeah... and serve the missionaries!! So I was trying to decide what to make and someone asked me if I was celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving- I didn't have any plans to- until now! I decided I would celebrate a little early- tomorrow! So now the problem is getting EVERYTHING done in time to eat and go to enrichment! yikes. I bought a turkey and am going to cook it at school tomorrow! There are so many advantages to being a Home Ec teacher! So I will prepare it during my prep and then put it in at lunch to cook! Then I will have to bustle home with my turkey, cook mashed potatoes, stuffing, snicker salad and buns before 6! yikes. I think I might go crazy. I am going to try and get as much done tonight as I can- I already have my bread torn for stuffing.... that's about it. Oh yeah I need to figure out something for dessert too! I should do something pumpkiny- but not pumpkin pie- that's boring (and not my favorite). So I should be off so I can figure out a recipe, run to the store and make it home for the million TV shows I want to watch tonight! If you haven't watched Project Runway, you need to! So good. Love it! Adios!!!


andrea said...

wow. yup crazy. hee hee. more like super nice. hope you get it all done stress free. wish i was there to eat. oh.. check this out for a pumpkin pudding.

Kim said...

what's snicker salad? sounds good! And yummy dinner...can't wait for my turkey dinner.

Mikaela said...

Wow Shelley that sounds so yummy! I'm getting excited for Thanksgiving! You are going to be very busy. Let me know how it all turns out! I'm sure "super shelley" can get it done in no time! hehe! Good Luck!