Friday, November 13, 2009


My Mom and Dad's birthdays are exactly 2 weeks apart.
When I was at the post office mailing my Dad's birthday card, I thought I would be smart and buy a stamp for my Mom's card too.
A week and a half before my Mom's birthday (31 days ago) I dropped her card in a mail box. Two days later, I found the stamp I had bought for her card. Oops. So I waited for it to be returned. And waited. And waited.
I thought maybe one of the blessings of having your parents serve a mission was free postage- so I told my Mom to watch out for it.
This morning, I checked the mail and there is was.
Seriously? It took 31 days for them to realize there was no stamp and return it to me.
I think I could have walked it to the Philippines faster than that.
So Mom- now it is really on it's way. Hopefully it will get to you before your NEXT birthday.


Andrea said...

wow- that's insane.
And all for $1.65. Come on- it'd cost more than that in labor to send it back. crazy.

Sydney said...

How weird it took so long! When I was in Colorado my sister sent me a christmas package. I never got it and she didn't ask me about it until I got home the next November. I had no idea what she was talking about so we figured it got lost in the mail. Then it showed up on my VA door step the next month (December) with a letter explainging that workers had found it stuck in the bottom of an extra bin they use for the christmas busy season, and a free bok of stamps. What's even crazier is that my address in VA was no where on the original package. My sister had moved so they searched in the missionary department and found me.

aniC said...

4 weeks. yep, that's how long it's been since you last blogged. get on that. and while you're at it, get on the plane to visit us. how many times do i have to tell you that little judson misses his grandma for it to sink in and make you come??