Friday, October 16, 2009

The Human Pin Cushion

The other day I went to get a blood test. And this is what happened...
right arm: left arm:

yup. I got poked 4 times. 4 times!!
And only one of them worked. My veins have become hard to find lately. Apparently VERY hard to find.

The girl poked me once and it didn't work. So she went to get someone else.

Who tried. And holy schmolies did it hurt. Bad.
Then she tried again.

Apparently they are only supposed to try twice.
But as she told the first girl "rules are meant to be broken". Interesting.

She said I might have to come back another day. Which I really did not want to do.
She decided to try one more time. And luckily it worked.

Hopefully I won't have to get another blood test for a VERY long time.

I should post a picture of the 2 beautiful bruises that have appeared.

But I will spare you.


aniC said...

poor shelley! i would have been crying A LOT by the time they were done.

Mikaela said...

Yikes! I remember the old days when we would go to blood drives together. My veins are bad, too. They used to not be. I am just glad I've never had repeated pokes. That sounds ultra painful. I've had blood from the hand though, and that hurts!

Andrea said...

ow. As if you want to go back another day. I'm glad they finally got it. But ow- 4 painful times! you are brave!

Sydney said...


I totally feel your pain!

Kayli said...

That is sad. Very sorry. It reminds me of just the other day I went to the plasma center and they always ask which arm you want them to stick, and I had once said the right, and the person put the blood pressure cuff on and poked at my vein, and said, "I'm not brave enough to try it." So she stuck my left arm, and always after that I just had them do my left since it was apparently easier. But this time, I asked the girl if she would look at my right, despite what the other person had said. So, she put the blood pressure cuff on, I squeezed my hand, and she started laughing and said, "That is an amazing vein--probably the best vein I have ever seen on a girl. I don't know what was with the other person." And then, for some reason, I was very proud of my awesome vein.