Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Final Cake

This is my final cake for my cake decorating class.
The ribbon was an after thought... I didn't want to do a tacky icing border. Next time, I think I would put the ribbon on first and then decorate it. (I am sure you can see why!)
It is a fun-fetti cake with fun-fetti icing. mmmm. The icing doesn't stand up too well under the fondant. So I guess buttercream is the way to go from now on!
My instructor just kept saying "your cake is so cheery." Pretty sure she had nothing else nice to say about it! ha!
Want some? Come on over!! We can have cake and ice cream. While watching Facts of Life!
I made a goal to make a cake for family members birthdays. But that would be 26 cakes in 12 months. With 5 in October. Ummm... No thanks. So I am going to try making a cake each month. And I just bought the AWESOMEST cake pan EVER! Stay tuned to see what it is. (I will be making it for the February birthdays).


Kristi said...

oh my. can I bring all my kids tomorrow- they have no school. :)
and I can't wait for the Feb. cake. I know what it is!

Andrea said...

Why does Kristi know what it is??? I want to know. I'm the one with the birthday. sheesh.
I love the cheery cake. Cute.
And what's wrong with 26 cakes in 12 months. Not like you have anything else to do with your time. lol.

Craig and Amanda said...

you are so cute...you should open a wedding cake business in utah, you could make bank with cute cakes.

aniC said...

i can't wait until you come visit me in a few months and you make me a fancy cake!