Sunday, July 6, 2008

Matriculating in July

After being home for 4 days, it was time to head back to the US of A. But this time I headed for Washington state rather than Washington DC. I began my 11 hour drive with a stop at Peter's in Calgary. I got a Chocolate Creme de Menthe Oreo milkshake. It was so thick but delicious.
I just had to stop in Sparwood, B.C. to take a picture of the largest truck in the world. It was honkin'. (i haven't said that in a REALLY long time).
My first stop was in Spokane to visit my former Ricks roomie, Mikaela. She was kind enough to let me stay with her for 2 nights. And she even let me go to church with her. I almost had to leave Sacrament meeting and Relief Society because I couldn't stop laughing. There was a pregnant lady who kept making this weird noise that was a mix between dry heave/gagging/cat coughing up a hair ball/squeaky toy being stepped on. Everyone else acted like it ain't no thang. I- on the other hand- thought it was one of the oddest things I have EVER heard.
After Church I picked up my friend Rachel from the bus stop and we began our journey to Ellensburg, WA to start grad school at Central Washington University. It is an interesting town. It makes Rexburg, Idaho
look like a booming metropolis.
We found our dorm room and got settled in. Here is Rachel pondering the Sciences of Family Consumers.
Or else watching tv.
We did some rearranging of the furniture so our beds faced the tv and the fan. 2 VERY important features.
Here is the other desk where I am sure we will be very studious when we aren't watching TV or blogging. :)
Our cute retro metal dressers.
Our fun fridge/ microwave combo. They are attached and plug-in with just one plug! Fascinating.
The waiting room for the college boys who can't wait to take me to the cafeteria for all you can eat ice cream. It's a sacrifice I am willing to make since Rachel is married and has 2 kids.
The bathroom we get to share with our entire floor. Except the only people we have seen so far were a man and his little daughter.

The shower room. Which is literally a room of showers. I am scared. I don't normally shower so close to perfect strangers.

Or even my loved ones. If you want to have a shower party in the shower room, there is seating available for 3.

This makes me so grateful I didn't live in the dorms at all during my many years of matriculating.


Jenica said...

I'm impressed with your use of the word "matriculating". I wish you would have been here yesterday when a guy said "life sucks" about 15 times throughout his testimony. It was really uplifting/appropriate. He was from Peru so maybe he didn't know "to suck" when not referring to a sucking motion is not an appropriate testimony verb. I hope your college days are fun!

Kristi said...

oh, so fun in the dorms. yep, those showers are scary. someone could run away with your clothes. that was always my fear. not that I lived in dorms ever. we have pictures by the honking truck. good times. study hard! I think Brian was asking where you were at dinner yesterday. silly boy.

Mikaela said...

It was so good to see weird about that chick making the noise. I asked Holly about it, and she said she had no clue...she said she'll ask around for us though! hehe!

Also, yeah, those dorms are a bit on the nasty and old side. Can you imagine having to live there for a year? And I about died at the fact that you can have an audience sit in the chairs as you shower! Too funny!

shaniqua said...

ok...forgive me for asking you to specify if this is sarcasm or not...did you really move back to the states? and did you really not tell me? what's happened to our friendship already?!?!?

Andrea said...

So... no showers for 3 weeks? That's .. .interesting.
But looks like a big party place. Have fun. Miss you already!!
And so jealous of Peters. Wow- smaller than Rexburg?? fun times.

Rachel D said...

i'm so confused, what are you doing???!! i will get ahold of you

Brenda said...

Shelly, you don't know me, but I know your sister Andrea (from blogging) and also your friend Mikaela. Her ward use to meet in the same building as mine! I was scanning down your blog and saw Mikaela's face in your pictures and was SHOCKED! What a small world. Enjoy your time in Washington State!