Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I didn't tell you? I guess it's none of your business.

Apparently an explanation is needed.

I got accepted into a Master's program at Central Washington University which is located in Ellensburg, Washington. Literally the center of Washington. It is an online program made especially for teachers. So to lighten the work load during the school year, they have a 3 week on-campus session in the summer. That is where I am. I attend class each day for 3 weeks and will have completed 3 classes!! Next summer, I will come back to Ellensburg and complete 3 more classes.
So in 3 weeks, I will return to Canada.

Any questions?


shaniqua said...


Andrea said...

Yes... how's it going?
Do you miss me?
Is it hard?
How's the communal showers?