Monday, March 12, 2007


1) I was kind of sad to see Rob and Amber go last night on Amazing Race... only because I wish Mirna and Schmirna would have gotten the boot. They are Crazy (with a capital C).

2) On Saturday I saw a lady walking her dog... in a stroller. Yep! The dog was in a stroller and she was pushing it like it was perfectly normal. I wanted to take a picture sooo bad but couldn't figure out how to do it all casual like.

3) I forgot to take a before picture of my room. It is still a mess- hopefully by the end of this week I won't have to dig through 5 boxes to find what I need.

4) I visited the ER last week- they took me away in an Ambulance- from school. Apparently I was quite the talk of the school. ha ha. I have been getting REALLY bad nose bleeds the last three weeks and on Thursday I got a whopper. It wouldn't stop so the school nurse said I needed to go to the hospital. They say to go to the hospital if it doesn't stop bleeding after 10 minutes... but they don't do anything to help you there other than have you pinch your nose. Thanks but I can do that at home, for free. I went to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor after the hospital and he cauterized my nose. THAT was quite the experience. I have never had so many things shoved up my nose before. And hope to never again.

5) I am making a student wash over 100 lids from Lays chip containers for me right now. Cruel? Maybe. But he was tardy 3 times which equals a detention and it is challenging to think of an hour of boring things for him to do. Any suggestions for future detentioners?

6) It is supposed to be 70 degrees (aka 20 celsius) outside today and I am trapped inside. It is so hard being a teacher.

7) When should you help pay for gas when driven somewhere? Let's say you drove a friend to the airport that was OVER an hour away and then picked her up again the next day... should you give her (or him) some money? And what if that person got a speeding ticket? Should you contribute to that as well? Just wondering.


Kristi said...

confused about the driving question. I would probably chip in for the drive, but probably not for the ticket, unless you were pushing for them to speed, then maybe. hmm I am with you on the Myrna Shmyrna thing. weirdness. what was with all the yelling?

Mikaela said...

I am so happy that you're back Shelley! I've been missing you lately. I can't wait to see pictures of your new place and room and everything.

About the driving question, I'd at least offer to pay someone if they drove me to the airport and it was that far away. As far as the speeding ticket, I agree that should be paid for by the person who got the ticket unless there were some other circumstances contributing to that.

Also, totally random and nothing to do w/ your blog, but I talked to Robyn Reed the other day. I guess she's getting a divorce. We only talked for a sec, so I don't know any other details. Just thought I'd share! Have a great day ML!

Andrea said...

Crazy about your ambulance trip. What excitement at school I'm sure. As for a detention make the students clean out the cupboards? bake something? sew? hmm.. not sure.
And yes you should always pay for gas when driven anywhere the said driver wasn't going in the first place. (I say pay all of it!) and if it is where they were going you should offer and pay some of the gas so it's equal. And for the tickets I say the driver pays unless the passenger was making them speed.. maybe to get to the airport on time- then they should pay some too. Just my opinion though.
Can't wait to see the new room!

Kim said...

I agree should always pay for gas when driven somewhere...especially when it's a situation like this. As for the ticket...I would say the person driving should pay, unless the passenger was egging the driver on.... hmmm.... tough! So sad about the nose bleeds...hope things get better!

EK said...

Yeah it's so true, being stuck inside on these gorgeous days is torture! And don't worry, I'm a mean teacher too. I've got this little booger in my class who's driving me crazy. Yesterday he was drawing all over his desk (while using his binder as a cover so I would't see) and I said (in my extremely happy teacher voice, just to be even more mean) "Ah darn it! Now you have to stay in all recess and clean all the desks!! Bummer!!!" And he didn't think I'd make him clean all of them but I did! And then he finished and thought he could still go outside and I said nope! I'm definitely mean. :)