Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Weekend of Crafts and Movies...

Craft & movie #1-
On Friday I started my weekend by shopping at Hancock Fabrics. I needed to buy some supplies for school. We have a LOT of money that needs to be spent before they take it away. Upon arrival, I learned that the store is closing. So EVERYTHING is on sale. Of course I went a little more crazy than I should. But the money HAS to be spent right? ANd it's for the children. I didn't really go THAT crazy. Then I became an official Canadian. My friend Martha came over and we watched Strange Brew. I have never seen it before. We started watching it once when I was at Ricks but it got turned off because it was dumb. I thought it would be a movie that would necessitate being drunk to enjoy. But I liked it. Sure it was lame, and cheesy. But funny. I am going to have to start saying "Take off eh." and "Horked"- as in "who horked the pencil that was on my desk?". Love it.

Movie #2-
Saturday morning before Martha left (she slept over) we watched Ella Enchanted. I LOVE that movie. And Prince Char is so dreamy. I must admit that I fell asleep but woke up in time for the musical ending.

Movie #3-
I have had Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (and Strange Brew) in my posession for at LEAST a month. It was time to watch them so I could send them back for new movies. It was pretty gruesome (sp?) but I LOVED the music. That is a good soundtrack.

Craft #2-
While watching Pirates I started cutting out fabric. I have wanted to make quilts with my classes for a LONG time but have never gotten around to cutting out the squares. I have TONS of fabric scraps at school so I decided enough was enough. I started cutting... and kept cutting during...

Movie #3-
Good Year. Dumb movie. Don't waste your time. I hadn't heard much about it but it looked cute so I thought I would take a chance. The best thing about the movie was when it had finished I had over 280 squares cut out plus about 100 smaller pieces for seam samples.

Craft #3-
I broke down a bought a crochet book. It was a Michaels with a 50% off coupon. I really want to learn how to crochet more than the 2 things I currently know. But after trying to learn how to do a granny square, I might have to stick with what I know. I don't know if I will every understand Crochet language. But isn't the book fun.

I love the table of contents.

Movie #4-
After Good Year finished, and I was still trying to crochet, I found A View from the Top on TV. That movie is fabulous and repaired all the damage done by dumb movie #3.

Movie #5-
I rented The Nativity last night along with Good Year. I haven't watched it yet but I think it might be my activity for tonight with a big bowl of popcorn. And maybe a few more attempts at crocheting.


Kristi said...

love the ending of Ella Enchanted! love it. I think tonight I might have to pop in season 1 of smallville, and knit up that little sweater for Kai- Kaylani's little guy! awesome stuff.

Talia said...

view from the top was so funny...i need to start watching movies again!
sounds like you're busy, busy...make sure you share your crocheting projects when you're done!
next time you come home we have to see has been way too long, girl!!

Mikaela said...

I haven't seen A Vew from the Top in ages...have to rent it or something! I love how you're all crafting. I wish I had time to do more of that. I almost called you this weekend because Charles and I were in Red Lobster when from the other side of the restaurant we heard someone laughing SO LOUD! I turned to Charles and said, Shelley's here!!!! It sounded exactly like you. Just had to share! lol!

Andrea said...

What a fun weekend for you. Love all the stuff you got done. Wow.

EK said...

I saw some of A View From the Top on tv once and I was confused and wondered if it would be good if I started it from the begining. Your story of watching Strange Brew at Ricks reminded me of the time Freshman year when my roommie wanted me to watch "Best in Show" with her and I do so reluctantly. And then we got in a fight because I wasn't laughing enough and she thought I was doing it to spite her. Still hate that movie. But love the old roommie. :) And you're inspiring me to find a craft project to do during Conference this weekend!