Thursday, June 15, 2006

Movie Thursday!!!

Okay so I am a slacker teacher... but it's the end of the year right? So tomorrow is our big 8th grade trip to Kings Dominion. I get to be a chapperone! Yippee. Each teacher or parent is in charge of 10 kids. They have to check in with us 3 times throughout the day. If they are late for check-in, they have to sit with us for half an hour! Who are they trying to punish! I am excited because they have a log ride- which is my FAVORITE ride at Disneyland (and it was closed down the last time I was there). I will fill you in on any happenings of the day! Monday is our "field day" which consists of 4 8th grade teams competeing with each other in such things as pizza box relay and balloon popping- whatever! Remember the good ol' track and field day when we worked our butts off! And then Tuesday- the LAST day- is over at 10:50- so it really doesn't count! Yippee! Anyways... back to my title- so instead of fighting with my students while trying to teach them something, we are watching movies! And the great thing... I get to control what movies. I am giving them 3 options- High School Musical, Sky High and Madagasgar! So far my 1st period chose Sky High- LOVE it! and 2nd period picked HSM! It has been a great morning. We shall see what my other 3 classes choose. The sad thing is classes are only 50 minutes so I only get to see the first half of them. oh well- I own them- I can watch them ALL summer.
p.s. GO OILERS! I stayed up til 11:30 watching the game last night... but it was worth it. I hope we win!

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