Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Second Home

Here is my second home... also known as... my classroom. I seriously feel like I live here! It isn't as fun (or organized) as I would like it to be... but we are very limited in what we can hang up... nothing 3 feet from or hanging from the ceiling, has to be a few feet from the door, etc! I don't have much wall space either. I've been in some classrooms where there are posters EVERYWHERE and I don't like that. But my walls are too bare. But it is hard to find fun posters about sewing! And there are too many out there with cats and dogs dressed up as kids with cheesy sayings. NO THANKS! I did have the kids draw pictures of different families and hung up some... This one makes me laugh. It is of a childless couple and the man is saying "I'm happy!" Ha ha! A girl drew one of a single person and said she was "completely depressed because she was ugly and no one would date her." Nice! Why can't single people be happy too? Oh well... at least I have 2 homes!

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Kim said...

So fun to see where you work! Love the pictures of the families!