Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Let's talk movies.
Or shall I say- get comfortable. Because I am going to talk about movies. And then you can have your say when I am finished. ha.

Have you seen (or read) The Boy in the Striped Pajamas? If not go get it. Today. I haven't read the book but I am going to. (as soon as I am finished my current one).
The movie wasn't very advertised. Why is that? Some movies have the snot advertised out of them. And others- you never hear of. I understand budgets and such. But why. I don't think I even heard about this movie until I saw it in RedBox. But seeing it this weekend changed me.
It is sad. And inspiring. And thought provoking. And sad.
Here is the trailer if you would like a little taste of the sadness-

Certainly a different perspective of the Holocaust. The book is for teens and the movie is clean- other than the fact that it is about the Holocaust.
Okay. now to my second thought about movies. Many moons ago they had Cheap Tuesdays. You could go to any theater on Tuesday and enjoy a movie for a "cheaper" price. Then for some reason they had to double movie prices. And eliminate Cheap Tuesdays. I don't get it.
Well the theater by my house stayed strong. They resisted the temptation to rip off their customers... at least on Tuesdays. And boy did they benefit. I think the whole city would come out. You couldn't find a place to park. You had to show up at least 30 minutes early to get a somewhat decent seat.
Until yesterday.
My friend and I went to see a movie. Because it was Cheap Tuesday. There were signs everywhere with the title "Advisory". There were LOTS of words on it. So I read the first paragraph. Something about some company (I will not mention) is sponsoring Tuesdays. You can buy a movie ticket, a medium popcorn and a medium drink for $11.45. That is a savings of 50%. Their words- not mine.
While I was standing in line, I read the other paragraph. Which explained that Cheap Tuesdays were gone and T****S Tuesday's are in. Starting today. I was mad. I only go to movies on Tuesdays. Because I am cheap. I bring my own snacks to movies. See. Cheap.
So the lovely guy at the ticket counter said it would be $11.90 for a ticket. Or I could get popcorn and pop for $11.45. So I took the deal. Who wouldn't.
Which got me thinking. Everywhere you look nowadays the focus is eating healthy and being active. So then this company is willing to put it's name on a weekly "event" that encourages you to do nothing but sit for at least 2 hours. And consume a large amount of popcorn and pop. I don't get it. And I don't like it.
So I probably won't go see a movie again unless it is at the cheap theater. Or I have a coupon.
I am done. (in more ways than one).


Kristi said...

I did hear an ad on the radio about that, but wasn't paying much attention. I guess I should. that is sad. I think we still are cheap out here- but the theater is nasty. yuckola. is the cheap theater still "cheap"? at least it is nice!

Rosey Pollen said...

I hear you loud and clear!
I am cheap too. I always bring my own snacks. We don't go to movies much anymore, just Netflix and the occasional Harry Potter flick.
We just sneak in our walmart candy.

Sydney said...

oh my. My roommate had this and I watched it. Good thing I was alone because it was so sad I was bawling. What a sad movie. But it was well done.