Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So much fabulousness. So little time.

I am sure you are all dying to know what I did in Vegas. So here we go.

After the most turbulent flight that almost made me yammy, my dear friend Alisa took me to In-N-Out where we ordered our fries animal style. mmmm. I wanted to go back and have a burger animal style but never made it. Guess I will just have to go back again!
I was blessed to be there at the moment Alisa received the keys to her very first home. Which I am totally and completely jealous of. But she is going to let me move in and since I can't work down there it will be rent free. What a gal.

Thanksgiving day we went to a casino. To partake of their feast buffet. Oh my. It was a feast and it was a buffet. There was so much food. My first plate consisted of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, pizza, ribs, and spinach quiche. Holy smokes it was good. My other plates held delicious items like donuts, fruit, egg rolls, french toast, pot stickers, fried rice, mint chocolate chip gelato, brownies, cookies. And that wasn't even an hundredth of the food offered. God bless America.

After rolling ourselves out of the buffet, we dropped a couple hundred in the slots.

Just joking. I didn't even play a penny.

I met up with my friend Rachel at the Bellagio where we drooled over the largest chocolate fountain. Then I was lucky enough to have 3 other friends in town. Well maybe the little guy isn't my friend. Since he cried the entire time I held him. Whatever. Sorry the pic is a little dark. Hopefully my friends with a not dark picture will email it to me. (hint hint)

It made me laugh to see this sign in every bathroom. Well laugh in a "that's really sad that people need to be told this in a bathroom or at all" sorta way.
And I did a lot more. Shopping. Eating. Talking. Sleeping. Movie watching.

Vegas rocks.


Andrea said...

sounds great! sad sign. sorry you didn't win millions on the slots.

Mikaela said...

That sounds like such a fun trip! I'm glad you got away to enjoy yourself...also, your hair is getting so long again! It's cute!

shaniqua said...

baby judson loved you!! he was just a bit (a lot) on the hungry side. and you know...boys are always cranky when they are hungry! i'm glad we got to see you though!!

Kim said...

Sounds like you had fun! What's on your animal style fries? They look so yummy!! I love that place.

Megan Andrea said...

you rock. come visit in spokane. you can live here rent free too. just entertain me.

Megan Andrea said...

you rock. come visit in spokane. you can live here rent free too. just entertain me.