Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And I quote....

"I drink shampoo in the shower and I don't get diarrhea."
Yep. That's what one of my students said today in class while he worked on a poster about dairy foods.
Like I said before, everyone needs to teach Middle school. Even just for a year.


Mikaela said...

Oh man! I'm so glad that's you and not me! Sometimes you wonder what the heck is going on in their little brains. I was a dumb middle school kid though, so I get it! When's Christmas break? I bet you're so ready! lol

Cara said...

I have been having the greatest time reading your blog--I never knew where it was, so I am glad that I now know where I can read about what is going on with you! You are HILARIOUS!!!
I am amazed at some of the things kids say--I would love to say that they get better in high school-but they really don't--at least not the ones I have met! Love ya, Cara

jill said...

Great advice....I should give it a try! WOW that could get expensive.

Love Jill

Kristi said...

hmm interesting. I too was missing your blog. glad I finally read my email.