Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

So there I am.... walking up and down the aisle of Safeway. Earlier this evening I really wanted to go to bed. But then I remembered that Safeway was having a really good sale on cereal and grapes. So instead of getting in my jammies, I get into my car. I grab a flyer incase there is some other deal I am missing out of. What? No grape deal? No cereal on sale? This couldn't be! I look- the sale ended YESTERDAY! Sheesh. No worries though. I managed to spend some money. I bought LOTS of fruit for my quest to eat healthy... and some chocolate milk for my nephew (and maybe sister and brother-in-law) if it is still around when they arrive on Saturday. And a few other things. As I was checking out I thought to myself "I better check out the cereal aisle JUST IN CASE." You never know what you might find. So there I go with my cart full of paid & bagged groceries. Nope- no big deals... but wait a second. Doth my eyes deceive me? No they doth not!

I thought these were gone... for good. I hadn't seen them in ages. And they were on sale. 2 for $6. Not a GREAT deal. But for my long lost loves- a GOOD deal. I only bought 2. I really wanted to buy 20. Just in case they are no longer being made and they just found a crate of them in the back and decided to put them out. Maybe I should go back. I love them so much, I bought each member in my family a box of them for Christmas. I don't think they loved them as much as I do. I am trying to resist eating a bowl of it right now. I wonder what it would taste like with chocolate milk?


Andrea said...

Wow- glad you get to enjoy your cereal. And chocolate milk. And fruit.
Ya.. not a fan of the fruit in cereal. Sorry.

Mikaela said...

LOL! Shelley, you are hilarious! You just make me laugh so hard! I have never had this cereal. I like the strawberries kind, so I might have to head to my local Safeway and see if they have it! I'll let you know if I like it, but I probably will since I like all the other kinds of Honey Bunches Of Oats! That does sound good right now....MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Kristi said...

hate it when you miss the big sales! I told my kids today, when they were whining about the oatmeal I slaved over, that I am never buying cold cereal again. good thing I have a few in the cupboard still!

Anitra said...
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Anitra said...

you've had a blog since 2006 and have never told me?!??! what's the deal???