Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On the Boardwalk in Atlantic City...

Life would be Peaches and Cream!!
Last week was spring break and my friend Alisa from Vegas came to visit me. We took a little road trip that included
Atlantic City-
It was freezing but we took a "dip" in the ocean and walked on the boardwalk just long enough to buy souvenirs.
Quite the interesting place. I need to learn more about the battle.
Intercourse PA- Amish country. It was so neat seeing the cute Amish children walking home from school. I loved President Faust's talk from Conference. They are amazing people.
It is the city of brotherly love but I have to say I hate this city. The roads are wack-o. They are one ways that randomly end. We had big plans to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and run the steps that Rocky ran. But that didn't happen as we were too frustrated after driving around. We did get a picture of the steps though. Ha ha!
and 2 days in DC-
I saw somethings I hadn't seen before like the Cherry Blossoms and Library of Congress. This is Alisa sleeping on the Metro on our way into DC.
And pedicures at my new favorite place. Alisa's feet are size 5. Mine are 10. Sick. She has the cutest shoes because she can fit into kids shoes. Whatever.
Plus shopping, and lots of laughing. It was soo much fun. I think I need another spring break.


Andrea said...

I So need to come visit and get a pedicure and see such fun places!

Mikaela said...

When I read the lines of your post I just laughed outloud. Totally reminded me of Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken! haha! Anyways, I'm glad you had a nice time for Spring Break. When do you guys get out for summer?