Sunday, January 14, 2007


for the delay! I feel like my life is such a bore- I don't want to put my 3 readers to sleep with my dull stories! Some highlights of the week-

1) Samoas ice cream is back. This stuff is heavenly. It is a goal killer. I am constantly making goals to stop eating ice cream, or at least buy the 1/2 the fat kind- that tastes just as yummy. Then I see this- on sale- I couldn't say no. And of course it was buy one get one free, so I HAD to buy 2. It was quite the decision but I went for good ol'American Idol ice cream. You can't beat that!

2) I crocheted my first dish cloth. I originally bought the wrong hook so I went back and bought a multi-pack of hooks. I spent a couple hours Friday night (sad, I know) and a gazillion hours Saturday working on it. I had to pick apart my first one because it was a little too large! The yarn was on sale so of course I HAD to buy 4 more. I have a disease. I also found another thing of crochet thread- for a total of 3 to make into leprosy bandages.

3) 3 day weekend thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I am sooo grateful. I think I might celebrate by sleeping, and crocheting.

4) I bought a laptop. YIKES. I hate making big purchases- especially technology. I am always scared I will find a better deal next week, or it is going to be out of date in 3 days. I got a printer with it for $28. It is being shipped this week. Now I just need to get rid of my current computer. I am hoping to sell it on craigslist - if not, find a place to donate it to.

5) I REALLY want snow. Is that too much to ask for?


EK said...

I LOVE ice cream. It's my greatest weekend. And Samoas are my favorite girl scout cookie so I love that ice cream! Yay on the laptop! We got one for Christmas and we love it!! :) Enjoy!

Kristi said...

your dish cloth is GORGEOUS! the ice cream looks devine. I think I am past the ice cream phase- now it is all about chocolate. maybe if I had those yummy flavors of ice cream... crochet like the wind!

Mikaela said...

How annoying. I typed up this big old reply on here, and then it didn't save. I got your message, but I was subbing last week. Everytime I thought about calling you this weekend it was really late, and I figured you were in bed. Also, you big jerk...informing us of Samoas Ice if I'll be able to resist!!!!! Your dishcloth looks fabulous, btw. You're so talented, and I must admit I'm completely jealous. Hope you got to rest and relax for your 3-day weekend. Talk soon!

Sarah said...

stop the press...SAMOA ice cream!?!?!? where have i been!?!??! and yay for crocheting!! i don't personally do it but my friend is the editor of crochet today magazine so i get more tempted to try it all the time. and now that you do it, i just might have to try it. and this post proves that you have more than 3 readers...ha!

Emily and Brian said...

Hi Shelley:) First off, I TOTALLY hear you on the ice cream thing! I'm not even a big fan, but the slow churned stuff has me hooked -- good news though...its half the fat and 1/3 the calories as regular ice cream! (Sad, can you tell I check labels before any purchase? Embarrassing...I know.).
Anyways, thank you for liking my Christmas tree star! Its actually just a small pressed cardboard box from a craft store. I glued the lid to it, drilled a hole in the bottom (for the tree to poke through), and then painted it with gold acrylic paint. Seriously, cheapest and easiest thing ever. (And you're dish cloth looks great -- I love crocheting myself!)

Kim said...

So yummy! I've never had this ice cream before...looks so good!